Terms & Conditions

1.) The reservation order is valid after paying 10% of the total price, for registered customers after receiving a confirmation of the booking.

2.) The reservation: We stay to the order until end of the shop openings on reservation day. After this condition the reservation is invalid. If you have any reasons for not being able to fulfill the reservation we will return your money up until the last day before reservation behinning. After the first day of the reservation no return payments will be made.

3.) For the rental of sports equipment a insurance must be given. This can be a personal document, a credit card receipe or money.

4.) Every person who rents equipment must return the rented equipment in correct state, or pay the actual price for the product.

5.) The action of giving a rental insurance does not count as a prepaid amount on the price or payment of the equipment.

6.) You are able to change to another euqipment within the same price category without any costs.

7.) Shortest period for renting winter equipment: 1 day. If you return the euqipment after 10.30 am you will have to pay the whole day. If you return the equipment after 4 pm you will only have to pay another day if you plan to rent it longer than the actual renting day.

8.) Mounting plates montage: We recommend all persons renting sports euqipment to take a INTERSPORT – Top – Securitycontract with elektronical Mounting measurements at € 11,-- and a TOP safety guarantee. These measurements fullfill the ISO-Norm 11088 regarding safety. Please place your wish for taking this ad least 20 minutes in advance. If you do not want to take this offer, we will adapt the mounting plate according to the ISO codes.

9.) The contract is being established between the customer and the INTERSPORT member ( shop ) where the equipment will be collected and returned.

10.) Personal data you enter on this website will only be used - considering Austrian and European privacy laws - in order to process your inquiries and online reservations. A permanent storage and usage of your data for marketing purposes only happens if you explicitly agree on (e.g. by registering as INTERSPORT Rent customer). It is possible for you to cancel this agreement at any given time and free of charge, e.g. via E-Mail to info_(a)_intersportrent.at. INTERSPORT Rent respects the privacy of your data at any time and will not transmit it to any third person.

11.) All disputes arising out of, in connection with or in relation to the making of this reservation or the renting our use of equipment covered by this reservation shall be resolved exclusively in the national courts of Austria.

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